What type of wedding planner are you looking for

The question isn’t the type of wedding planner you are looking for but rather, the type of professional planner you require, you have to see if they provide the services you are looking for and if they are doing so within your budget. We reviewed plenty of wedding planners that offer a combination of services, from just day of the wedding to even destination weddings. Wedding Works for example is a team of planners that would plan destination weddings in exotic locations such as Goa and you have planners such as Portland Wedding Planner that specializes in the day of the wedding. Companies such as Unique Wedding Planning specialize in Event design and also in management. Decor specialists such as Donnie Brown have been also arranging for some breath-taking decor in Dallas.

Not all companies have an eye for design and not all wedding planners, who know design, have an eye for logistics. Usually the wedding planner you choosee would either be, vision oriented, delivery orientated, or schedule oriented. You do not need an all in one person, just make sure that the planner you are thinking of going with provides all the services that you require and you are sorted.  Having a professional team that will look after the preparations will put you at ease and you will be able to enjoy preparing for it.

Here are the types of professional planners you might come across. Remember though, that we have clubbed them in groups and these might not be standard across the board.

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Planner who provides all the services

A full planner is one who does everything, leaving you not worrying about a thing. If your wedding planner falls in this category, they don’t have to do this themselves, they might get help from professionals in fields outside their domain. They would handle everything from timelines, to hiring, to checking on the venue, to the food and everything you would need. If you think your big day is going to be very dramatic, or you just feel you want someone more professional to handle this and you cannot cut it, you can go with this sort of wedding planner.

The designer

These planners would be open to your vision, no matter how unrealistic, however, they would not worry about your budget or timelines. They would focus on the colors, the right fabrics, table pieces etc. They are like interior decorators but for your special day. They would also be able to handle your florists, invitations and so on, they might have to get help when they are dealing with this, but they will get it done. Make it a point to get someone else to handle logistics and organization of everything, just as this might become too overwhelming for them. Someone more detail oriented and less creative would be cut out for managing them.

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Part time planner

These people are amazing for when you don’t want someone to invest all their time in planning your big day but you would like a few insights from a professional. If you just want advice, you would get it a lot cheaper doing it this was, as they charge an hourly price and you contact them just when you need the help. This is perfect for those couples who want to do everything themselves but have no idea where to begin.

The wedding day coordinator

This type of wedding planner makes sure that everything is on track on the day of the wedding. They would provide inputs before and after as well and they would help with everything, but you would see them running about and getting people to create your vision on the day you walk down the aisle

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new home design

Newly Wed: Compromising with your partner on the design before you move in together

She wants a canopy bed and he doesn’t, he wants a bold styles and she wants contemporary! These are tough decisions to make for every new wed couple getting a new place together. We asked Mark Wayler, an interior design expert at Eadus on how a few alternations can find a balance between non-intersecting ideas when moving in to a new home. “The secret is the marriage of each other ideas that often creates the right balance” Mark says. No matter how long old your relationship may have been, when it comes to moving in, designing a home that does not discomfort each other in one way or the other is not as challenging when the right design decisions are made.

Design decisions that are made considering each other’s personalities can often bring a clash in options.  What might be a sofa a dorm sofa from spouse college days maybe uncomfortable and ugly to you. From a personality perspective, it could be a sofa that reminds him of his young and single days, something that could upset him if it was not be a part of his everyday life. “For a room to feel comfortable in, styles that blend in a bit of a feminine as well as a  masculine feel to it creates an elegant and inviting space.”, says  Mark. Blending and mixing various personalities with styles if done right can create a beautiful mixed-space that adds a dash of feminine as well as masculine for everyone to feel comfortable in.

 Mark goes to explain; “My wife is a  graphic designer and an art director by profession has a distinct taste to modern aesthetic, as compared to my eclectic, vignette styled taste. I knew this was going to be a huge challenge when we moved in to our new home after getting married. So when we first began decorating our home we started out being very minimalistic in what we chose so that we wouldn’t offend each others tastes.”  As a couple, both need to find a space comfortable enough that represents each other.

There are plenty of design patterns that can be blended together and combined to create balanced styles may it be contemporary, vintage, traditional among others. Taken an example of  industrial, playful styled elements blending in with clean and eclectic decor elements. A balance that is welcoming enough for a intimate dinner party and also a raucous football game on a Sunday in the same space.  A room that shows a combination of styles is needs smart designing and needs plenty of planning in advance rather than simply assembling everything at a single go. The entire process can be very emotional, sometimes frustrating, as constant changes are made to the environment, countless decisions are made keeping in mind the usage practicality of the space.

In the decision making process the objective is to first identity what works and what doesn’t. If you are moving in with each other stuff decide what stays and what goes. Rightly, there has to be a give and take so no one feels being pushed out. Work on a list together for new items that need to be added to the home.  Be willing to together concede as a couple rather than being obsessed during this process. Importantly, keep relationship issues away from design dilemmas; the last thing you need is an argument about whose mother is worse that has degenerated over what should be the color of your walls!


Cooking Right With Your Spouse

For many couples a big part of married life involves cooking and chores. The kitchen is always a hub of activity for cooking, hosting and socializing and many may argue that is the area of the home where many couples spend most of their time. After you tie the knot, it is essential that you create a space in your home that the two of you can spend time together whether you are running everyday chores or an evening cooking an intimate dinner. A very essential part of your home, the kitchen is required to be practical yet organized and comfortable for your spouse and you. For a great marriage it is often said that the men must cook and at the same time there isn’t a sight more appealing that a woman cooking for her man. How a kitchen space is laid-out is very vital in whether you would spend time in there and there are basic guidelines that you must follow to you get it right. The folks at Misomod chatted with us to put together a few layout mistakes to avoid while designing your kitchen.

A modern cookery comprises of a kitchen triangle which is one of the most basic aspects that requires attention while planning this space. The refrigerator, the sink and the stove is what comprises of the triangle has to remain unobstructed while accessing any these vital elements.  Out of the three, it is the sink that perhaps see’s most of the action should have free access to the counter-tops as well as the stove in the area. This ensures that you will not get into each other ways and use the space in harmony. For any kitchen size or layout (L shaped, U-shaped, island counter etc), the distance in-between the areas should not measure less than 10 feet or large than 25 feet of space.  Too big of a space would mean it would be tiring to prepare a meal and too close would lead to tripping over each other.

A typical kitchen contains lots of stuff. This may often give the appearance of being messy, a stress zone, crowded or even stuffy, which for many would be a repellent for many to keep away from the space.   With the right planning of storage spaces, your cooking appliances and accessories can be concealed by designing cabinets.  Extra storage space can be created by designing extra-long cabinets if the space is smaller in size.

Counter spaces also give away a similar appearance if it lacks the space. This area is also a socializing spot for conversations and maybe a glass of wine. Plan for counter space that has a open horizontal surface area easily achieved with a L-shaped layouts.

Proper lighting and ventilation cannot be ignored while create this space. Poor lighting will lead to the room looking dull and boring. Do not forget to include general lighting for overall illumination, task lighting and also accent lighting to create a balance.  Getting rid of odors is essential in getting rid of cooking smells and improve the quality of air in the room with the a good ventilation system and kitchen cleaners.


Honeymoon destinations for you and you better half

For many a honeymoon destination is a getaway to an investment in memories for the rest of your life.  Not taking a chance with it and together discussing what the two of you expect to do on your honeymoon is starting point towards the right direction. From what you would like to do every day to the nightlife you want to explore to the level of privacy and luxury you desire are the must essentials to decide before you book your honeymoon destination. Mentioned below is a list of a few destinations that would definitely leave you feeling amazing about your wedding and better about your honeymoon.

Gambling on your mind, try Las Vegas

The entertainment capital of the world is like no other place to plan a fun filled honeymoon. No doubt the Las Vegas strip would be great place to spend a lot of time, the city  thought does have a lot to explore. Take a day for a picnic at Death Valley National Park which has fabulous views of the landscape. Golfing is also big in Vegas if you and your spouse fancy more of the outdoors.  The spa’s are highly talked about for their world-class massages if you are looking to simply unwind and relax.

Or you could hit the beaches and nightlife in Miami Florida

Florida is a paradise for newlyweds, full of art, theatre and music, music that ranges from Salsa dancing to show tunes. You can choose and participate in a wide range of couple activities, from taking tours of the city to visiting museums, to going swimming and visiting the beaches. There are a ton of activities at the beach here like diving and snorkelling which are very popular. After the sun goes down, couples can head to clubs to grab a drink or two and dance all night. There are plenty of  luxury resorts, hotels and outdoor location you can make camp at.

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Ever been to Napa Valley in California

Napa is the right place to enjoy the feel of  the Italian vineyards for couples that prefer the countryside setting for their honey moon. It is right around the corner for those  living in California. Furthermore, it would be a well-priced honeymoon destination with a  scenery that is definitely worth the time and the trip. A large variety of cheese is also seen manufactured in these parts. Couples can enjoy tours of the vineyards, wine tasting and  delicious food. Napa is also known for its mud baths and volcanic hot springs.

Try Hawaii

Explore the many islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai and the Big Island at this beach honeymoon destination. Oahu is the most popular of them all with popular beaches and vibrant nightlife. Maui is a big on activities and gorgeous sceneries. There are plenty of swimmable beaches in comparison to the other island. Kauai is the most secluded and least populated that makes it a much better place to relax and soak up the sun.

Sedona in Arizona, if you haven’t been there, now if your chance.

If you and your better half are the kind of people who like to go outside, trek or climb mountains, this is the place for you. This naturally red scenic location is not just for the outdoorsy but for the artsy people as well. Sedona is located near the Arizona desert if you would like to  escape the desert heat. Sedona has plenty of art galleries and festivals that you can visit. If you can’t make up your mind about where to stay, you could always head down to the Hilton’s Resort and Spa that is a popular resort in the area

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What to keep in mind when working on a barn wedding

There are a lot to remember when you are planning a barn wedding. You have to find the right barn, for beginners. True, using a barn means you have a clear slate to work with so you don’t have to worry about your colors going with the walls of a usual venue, the only issue being, you are going to have to deal with double the work.

You have amazing opportunities in this setting allowing you to get some of the best photographs anyone has ever seen. Further, you could take care of some amazing decorations that normally you might have had restraints with. We have to mention here, although, you have a lot to work with, even the largest wedding planners find barn locations for such occassions the most confusing and chaotic. There is a lot more to this, especially when you have to deal with bugs, portable restrooms, people being allergic to various things, and the mud that might mess everything up.

Here are a few pointers that should help make this easier

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You will have to set aside a budget for barn extras

When we say barn extras we mean things you normally wouldn’t have to pay for and would come directly with a regular venue, like chairs, tables, lights and so on. In a usual venue the cost of the venue would cover this, in a barn, these things aren’t always there. You will have to think of items that might be very obvious but your barn will not have, like the tents, lighting, inside and outside, generators, backup generators and so on. When talking to the owner about acquiring the barn, make sure it is licensed and insured. If this barn is usually used to host weddings, the manager would definitely have a list of what you would require, if you manage to find the perfect barn that does not, you can always grab the list from a barn wedding destination and use it as a reference.

Rules of the land

You have to make sure that your barn isn’t breaking any rules or laws of the area that it is located in. Make sure you research and agree with the sound rules otherwise you might have an issue with the authorities who might show up unexpectedly and have to shut you down. Do not assume it is isolated and no one would have an issue. Further, be mindful of how the sound travels in the area and whether it would affect the houses surrounding you, no matter how far away from you they might be.

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Check out the floor

You obviously will be taking care of this inside the barn, but make sure you look after it outside as well. This being said you have to make sure the ground isn’t full of soft mud, the last thing you would want would be for your guest to be falling around and entering the reception all dirty. You have to also make sure you have taken care of the parking hassle. Sometimes cars sink in the mud when it is soft and when the driver tries to drive off, they make a mess of nearby cars or people if they are walking around.

Say hello to my little friend, you bugs

Make sure you have made plans for the bugs that roam around these fields. Barns are known for bugs and the last thing you want is for one of your guests to get a weird rash and associate it with your wedding later. You can have something like gift baskets on tables with a very prominent can of bug spray, preferable something that is odorless and doesn’t come in anyone else’s way.

Waterproof the barn roof

Just a safety precaution for the rains, I mean monsoons are usually seasonal but now a days, they just catch everyone by surprise. If it does rain, all your guests should at least be safe in the barn if not anywhere else.

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Paying for your big day like the cool kids

According to statistics, your wedding is the most expensive party you are ever going to throw, people rarely have parties that cost more. People usually see the amounts that others pay on their wedding and always saying something along the lines of, Yea, that’s a lot, I would rather have my own Do it Yourself wedding. More often than not, people end up spending more when they have an idea like this. You start doing things yourself and after a while you realize that it is too much to handle by YOURSELF and you have to go back to the professionals you thought would be too expensive.

There are locations all over the country where getting hitched is cheaper than others but overall, this is still going to be the most expensive party you throw. This article isn’t telling you how to get a cheaper wedding, it’s informing you on how you should be splitting up your wedding tab. Time to start saving up.

Use a simple calculation keeping things, well, simple

If you have an outrageously large amount you should be spending in a few months to come for your big day celebrations, break it down into smaller amounts, proportionate to the month you have where you can start saving up for this. So if you have a year to get married, you have twelve months to start saving up. If you save smaller amounts every month, it would be easier to get there. If the amount is still large after the breakup, you should consider extending the date or making smaller expenditures in the month on things that aren’t necessary.

Further, make sure you add this money to a newly created bank account, one that you cannot withdraw from unless it is for your wedding. That would prevent you from adding money to the account and taking it out shortly after. You have to realize your expenses and income and this would tell you how long you would need to save.

Cut back on monthly expenses

I personally have an issue with buying t shirts with stupid things written in the front. I always wear these so they don’t go waste, but I spend a large chunk of my income on them. Cutting down on things like this would help go a long way.

You can also try things like cutting your cable bill altogether and spending time getting more exercise. Furthermore, you can try negotiating your phone bill. For a phone company, getting customers isn’t easy with all the competition around, so they are more than happy to optimize your bill to help you and indirectly help them. If you can cut it down by changing you plans, probably canning long distance for a while or something, you can save about $15 a month, saving $180 a year. If you can do this to your landline as well, you would have saved about $350 a year.

Stop on the ridiculously small spending amounts that add up

Try things like eating out less often, or reducing the amount you spend on shopping for things that aren’t necessary, just for the few months you are saving through. There are such minor things that we spend money on and don’t even think about it, cabs as opposed to the subway, coffees, packaged water, just think about it. Parking away from office so you don’t have to pay such a high amount in parking fees.

Time to pull out the big guns

You could move in with your parents to save on a years’ worth of rent. If you have two, try selling your car, if your better half has one as well and you don’t need yours. You would save so much without a car, yes it would be inconvenient, but you would save on car insurance, fuel and maintenance.

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Use credit cards the right way

If you are using your credit card, there is nothing wrong with it, it is a good payment method, however you should make sure you have a plan of saving up enough to pay it off, this should be done before the interest is added on the amount. Make sure you consider all this while using your credit card. You should definitely not buy things with money you don’t have, the interest would just add up and you would have to pay unnecessary amounts for no reason. If you have even considered taking a loan to pay this off, don’t.

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Investments for paying for your wedding, not the best idea

This could work but it’s more of a long term thing and you have no idea whether you would get that money or not later leading to the cause of debt you didn’t have to deal with. You can use this for a long term thing, like saving for your children’s college or your retirement.

Be creative

I think this sub point can be added to everything that I talk about. You could try getting a part time job, or selling things you do not require on eBay. There are a lot of things you could do, teach something you’re good at and charge a small fee, I know a bunch of kids in your neighborhood who would like to learn to play the guitar.


Steps to be taken while having a military wedding

Military weddings are a bit different as opposed to your usual celebration, they have their own customs and traditions that have to be followed. You would have to research the customs and rituals that go around with national pride, the team they belong to and their loyalty to their country.

For you venue try one of their large academy grounds and military chapels

When you are marrying a military man or woman, they are usually pretty well connected, you could get your hands on an academy ground, which would make for an amazing reception or ceremony venue and some really good photographs. Otherwise you can try to find a military chapel creating quite the scenic location, with a whole lot of people in white. Remember that most military chapels have a lot of people lining up to get married there, so you might have to book it at least a year in advance. They do have a few requirements about you getting married here, but you should find them out and work on them. If you are not charged to use the chapel, you should make a small donation to the chapel fund.

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Check out your available Officiants

The military usually has people they go to when they have marriages, it might be customary you contact the same team. When you book the military chapel to get married in, you would have to sit down with the officiant for a few sessions before getting this sorted. After that he would probably make you attend a few pre-wedding classes, where they would counsel you and teach you a few things about your wedding and the celebration. If you would like someone in particular to co officiate, you should talk to them before the big day so you can allow them to do this.

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Remember to seat guests according to their military rank

If you do not follow this order, you might end up offending someone and making a few enemies of your own. You have to seat all high ranking officers in positions of honor, whether it is at the ceremony or the reception. There should also be a special position for the commanding officer of the bride or the groom. You have to also remember to add the other officers, according to their ranks.

Make sure you follow the traditional military attire

I know you might have thought of having the traditional celebration attire but you do not have a say when you are dealing with the military. They have to wear their military uniform and they do not have a say. He should even be wearing a saber, depending on his rank. He may also have to wear white gloves and other such accessories.

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Tips to give a good wedding speech

You might receive the rare opportunity where you have to give a speech at your best friend’s wedding although you dread speeches. Here are a few tips you can follow to make sure everything goes alright and according to plan, since this is a big day for you as the bridesmaid or the maid of honor as well.

Let’s begin by focusing on giving a good speech, one that keeps people awake and eager for more. After mastering that, focus on giving a better speeches than the best man. I bet you would have something important to say as well and people should focus and listen to you and here is your opportunity.

It isn’t a joke

Many can pull off the joking, childishness, laughing everything off and cracking everyone up but, you should remember not only are you talking to everyone, you are speaking for the bride and groom. Think of yourself as a story teller who has a task of keeping everyone informed. Try to be very professional and get this done very seriously.

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Don’t day dream and mention things that weren’t rehearsed

Make sure you are prepared and you have your script rehearsed. You should create and start memorizing pointers to help you with the big speech. Make sure you have people who have similar taste and know the couple, read and re read your speech so you can improve it. Make sure you are focused and do not mess this up.

Make sure you don’t miss anything out

Your speech should definitely be unique and personal according to your relationship with the couple getting married. However, there are a few things you should remember and always cover.

Mention how happy you are to be there and thank the couple and their family for inviting you

Include something that is personal to you and the bridal couple but something significant to everyone attending

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Give them a few words of wisdom for the life they will share with each other

Usually conclude by saying, Jenny and Jonny while raising your glass and make sure you have a sip

Mention a quote that is appropriate and you took some time to find

If you are good at reciting out quotes you can find one significant to the thought you were going with. If you do not find one, or you aren’t comfortable saying one, or it seems too cliché, you should consider skipping on the quote altogether.

Make sure you have a style and your speech is your signature

The best man usually mentions things that the groom and he did in the past, he would try to embarrass the groom and make a few comments about how he never thought he would see his buddy getting married so soon or something. You don’t have to have a speech that would be the opposite of his so they go well together, if you are a funny person, you can have a few jokes as well. Or you can try to outdo him in his speech.

The best speeches are short and sweet

If speeches are your thing, you are lucky, if they aren’t, you have the chance to make them short. People really appreciate short speeches, and if you were good, they would encourage you to continue and you could mention that you can’t and leave everyone wanting more. People are going to remember, what they want to anyway and there is nothing you can do to change that.

Make sure you have practiced enough

You should not be anything less than perfect. Keep practicing till you have all your basic pointers memorized. There might be something very significant that you remembered during your speech but hadn’t rehearsed for, make sure you do not add it. Just stick to the script. Nothing should deter you from giving the speech you have spent ages writing and creating.

Schedule everything

Make sure you have a planned schedule. Coordinate with the bride and the groom and make sure they have mentioned when they would like to begin the toasting. Sometime people prefer having it between courses of dinner, others don’t have a preference, so you can have it when you like. The best time to do this in our experience is after everyone is seated and offered champagne. Further, make sure you and the best man have an idea of how you two are going to take turns, usually going with, he first and you later or doing a duo.

Make sure you keep your cool

It is very difficult for you to keep calm when so much is happening in so little time and you would probably be busy trying to keep the bride calm and handle all this while freaking out at the same time. You might freak out a little and this is normal but no one should notice. If you are calm, that would be brilliant, if not, fake it for the married, or rather marrying couple. You can have a long nap after everything is over.

Use your imagination

If you find toasting too old school, you can think of something creative to do. We recommend keeping it PG13, but you have creative license to experiment and try your hand at something you like. We do not recommend breaking out in song or dance, but if you feel like that, you should go for it.

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